Chinas central authorities approved the 2018-2035 master plan for the Xiongan New Area last Wednesday. According to this approval, the Xiongan New Area will take the lead in deploying smart infrastructure at a moderate pace.上周三,中国中央批准后了雄安新区2018-2035年整体规划。经准许后,雄安新区将首次有利于布署智能化基础设施建设。



Chen Gang, vice governor of Hebei Province and director of management committee of Xiongan New Area, said earlier that the Xiongan New Area will step up to develop artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).河北广东省副省长、雄安新区管委负责人陈钢稍早答复,雄安新区将更进一步发展趋势人工智能技术、区块链技术技术和物联网技术等技术。Three Chinese telecom operators have set out special agendas for the Xiongan New Area.三家中国通信运营商早就制定了雄安新区的总体规划。


China Mobile has established an institute to build 5G network, develop smart transportation and industrial application.中国挪动早就建立了一个组织来架起5G互联网,发展趋势智慧交通和工业生产运用于。China Unicom has set Xiongan as its pilot city for 5G technology with 100-200 5G test base stations in the pipeline. It also plans to carry out 5G scale building and pre-commercialization in 2019.中国中国联通一并彦稳定为5G技术的示范点城市,已经基本建设100至200个5G检测通信基站。

该营运商还方案在今年进行5G经营规模的基本建设和实商业化。China Telecom has launched a 5G innovative demonstration network with ZTE and built a scale 5G test network in the Xiongan New Area.中国电信网与中兴通信开售了5G艺术创意样版互联网,并在雄安新区建立了经营规模小的5G测试网络。

The Xiongan New Area is the test field for 5G technology and vertical applications with the aim of promoting the national commercialization of 5G technology.雄安新区是5G技术和横着运用于的实验城市,目地是为了更好地提高5G技术在全国各地的商业化。